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MDDC Advertising Services is part of the MDDC Press Association, which represents nearly all newspaper and online news media sources in Maryland, Delaware and DC.

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SEO – Voodoo Nonsense, or Data-Driven Marketing?

Most businesses and organizations see search engine optimization as voodoo – a way for salespeople to squeeze precious dollars from the pockets of businesses.  In some respects, they’re not wrong.  There are so many “solutions” to building SEO, and honestly, most typically don’t work – or at least work like they should. 

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traditional media

Trust in Traditional Media

Even if you’re just a casual social media or YouTube user, you’ve likely been exposed to some sort of questionable information that lacks reliable and reputable sourcing.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

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A Crash Course in OTT Marketing

“Cord-cutting” has become so popular, has developed its own definition for the phrase; “A person who cancels or forgoes a cable television subscription.”  If you cut the cord to avoid seeing advertisements, you’ll be disappointed thanks to OTT (Over-The-Top) Marketing.

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advertising awards

Advertising Awards – Are they worth the fuss?

Advertising awards are so incredibly important for so many reasons, but in the chaos of our everyday work we forget the importance and power that award-winning work brings.   Here are three reasons why advertising awards (such as the MDDC Awards Contest) are important to your marketing organization.

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