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Cloud Campaign Helps Digital Agencies Scale

Social media is here, and it’s been orbiting as a marketing channel for businesses of all sizes for some time.  Relying solely on social media to bring clients new business is never a great idea but working social media in as a component of your overall holistic marketing strategy is key.

Our agency handles social media management and ad-buying for clients all around the United States, and we realized quickly that managing everyone’s accounts directly through Facebook, despite their best efforts to make it user friendly for agencies, was still cumbersome.  We realized we needed a better way to manage social content for multiple clients in one space. After a lot of searching, we landed on Cloud Campaign.

Here are three reasons why we chose Cloud Campaign:

1. Easy User Experience

Cloud Campaign plays nicely with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and integrates well in with Canva, RSS, and Google Drive, among other integrations that I haven’t found a need for yet but am happy to know they exist.

Their layout is easy to view everything you need in one look to choose where you’d like to dive deeper.  The “Content Library” is especially helpful in archiving past posts for clients for easy review, revising and reuse.

Lastly, their approval platform allows us as an agency to draft our posts a week in advance and send those posts to our clients for review and approval with a simple link. Clients can provide feedback right on the page, and we’ll be notified when posts are approved, or need revisions based on the comments we receive.

2. The Analytics Engine

In short, it’s robust.  Not only can I review post performances by social channel, but I can also roll up total post performance over all channels over a custom-specific period.  Additionally, their “Insights” allow me to see the TYPE of post that is highest performing (i.e., long caption with a picture, short caption with a question, short caption containing a link, etc.).

This information has been invaluable in our agency optimizing the strategies for our clients to create an upswing trend in post-performance.  Most recently, Cloud Campaign released Hashtag reporting – an area where you can see the top performing hashtags in your posts, if hashtags are your thing.

3. Customer Service

While Cloud Campaign provides, “CC Academy”, a library of tutorials to get you started, and even diving deeper to take advantage of some advanced features that exist in the platform, there’s always going to be a learning curve.

When I’m sitting at my desk building posts for clients, their live-chat feature in the bottom right corner of the screen has proven super helpful in getting some how-to questions answered quickly and kindly.  Sometimes it’s even one of the co-founders that answers my call, which I certainly can respect and appreciate.

Cloud Campaign has a lot of great features, but there are a few things that I would love to see in their development pipeline.

App Functionality

As of right now, Cloud Campaign does not have an app.  It’s solely web-based, though their platform is mobile optimized.  The mobile optimized platform misses out on some functionality that causes me to switch to desktop-mode, which is a minor inconvenience, but is easy to get used to.


When developing a post in the content library, you can assign multiple captions to it.  So, if I have a post with five captions (think a post leading up to an event), I can schedule that post five times and it’ll change out the caption each time it posts.

Right now, it changes out randomly vs. sequentially, which is frustrating.  The easy workaround is to just copy the root post within 4 additional times within the content library and change the captions that way.  Again, a minor inconvenience, but also an easy workaround until the developers can fix that issue, which I’ve been assured from Cloud Campaign that they are going to add into their development workflow.

In short, all the features (and I’ve only scratched the surface) vastly outweigh the minor inconveniences of some things I want Cloud Campaign to be able to do.  And for their price point, you get a metric ton of value and convenience.

If you’d like a more in-depth view of how our agency uses Cloud Campaign, please feel free to reach out to me at

About the Author
Kevin Berrier is the Director of MDDC Advertising Services, a full-service marketing agency that works with businesses and organizations around the United States on effective ROAS-based marketing strategies and solutions.