Marketing Tips for November

As we shuffle further in to the holiday buying season, it’s important for your brand to stay in front of your customers. Amidst a myriad of ways to do this, retargeting past visitors of your website is often overlooked.  


In short, retargeting allows you to target your website’s visitors after they’ve left your site with digital advertising.  


The sky is the limit! But seriously, start simple. If you’re running advertising on Facebook, installing Meta’s pixel on your site will allow you to place Facebook and Instagram advertising in front of earlier visitors of your site. If they’ve visited your site, they’re interested, and you need to keep your brand in front of them.  

You can also retarget using targeted display advertising. Have you ever hopped on to ESPN to check out your favorite sports team’s score only to find an ad staring you in the face not long after you visited that brand’s website? Yeah, you can do that too!  

PRO-TIP: Don’t put all of your eggs into the retargeting basket. Layer other targeting tactics within your advertising to complement the retargeting efforts. You need traffic to retarget! So, get that traffic to your site by casting a wider tactical net with your advertising strategy. 


As in all things digital, you can get pretty creative on how strategize your campaign. Work on perfecting your campaign by running A/B testing different creative to see which is highest performing in bringing earlier visitors back to your website.  


Nov 8: Daylight Savings Ends – Remind your audience that the clock is falling back and make sure to update them on any changes to your own hours if you have any. #daylightsavings 

Nov 24: Thanksgiving – Share what you’re thankful for when it comes to your customers and your employees. Make sure to share any pictures of employee or team celebrations. #happythanksgiving 

Nov 26: Small Business Saturday – Promote your participation in Small Business Saturday on social! Share any sales, special deals, or events you’re holding, and spotlight other local businesses in your area. #smallbizsat 

Nov 13: World Kindness Day 

Nov 14: World Diabetes Day 

Nov 20: Universal Children’s Day 

Nov 25: Black Friday 

Nov 28: Cyber Monday