marketing trends 2022

Marketing Trends for 2022 – What Businesses Need to Know

For the past 20 months, small businesses have had to sink or swim, and unfortunately some businesses just had too much weight around their ankles.  Many businesses that survived ended up doubling down on their marketing with great amounts of success.

As we prepare to depart 2021 and head blindly in to 2022, here are three tips and trends to consider as you develop your 2022 marketing strategy.


We get it, placing an ad in a local newspaper isn’t nearly as sexy as placing ads on social media with demographic, geographic and behavioral targeting overlaid, but did you know that the trust in local media, especially newspapers has increased due to their coverage of COVID-19?  It’s true, and it’s something you really need to consider.

I’m not bashing social — social marketing and management has its role in a marketing blueprint, but if you put all your eggs in Zuckerberg’s basket, you’re missing out. Newspaper readers have expendable incomes, highly educated, and are trusting of businesses that align their brands with trusted media.

Additionally, the cost per 1,000 people reached with a typical advertisement is a typically a fraction of what you’ll spend in other marketing channels.  And bonus points that your local newspaper reaches local consumers — so there’s your geographical targeting right there!


There’s so much effort being put towards amazing, authentic, and engaging content that you can post on your website, social channels, flyers in your store, etc.  But if content is never seen, was the content ever actually created? (I know, I just blew your mind.)

Seriously, though.  You can spend weeks developing amazing content, but if you don’t have a plan to distribute said content in mass, you’re simply wasting your time.  Before you start determining your content, determine your desired audience and where they are.

Are they searching for your product or service on Google because they are in immediate need (think “Plumber”) or are they just dipping their toes in the water on social media considering entering a buying journey (think “Real Estate”)?  This will help you determine how that tasty content you lovingly stirred into a delicious stew of words will be distributed.


Personalization of marketing will help you stand out in 2022, hands down.  Consumers ONLY want the content that they want – nothing more.

If you haven’t started segmenting your audience by product and service interests, what are you waiting for?  This way you can create sub-campaigns promoting a specific product or service set that you know your consumers love!

Trust me, your unsubscribe rate (or lack thereof) will thank you.  Your bank account will thank you more.