Mastering Instagram – Tips and Tricks to Amplify Your Reach

Navigating Instagram’s vast array of features can be daunting for creators. Adam Mosseri of Instagram understands this challenge well, often hearing from the community about the overwhelming task of deciding which tools to embrace and which to set aside. Recently, Mosseri put out a video on Instagram about how to navigate and prioritize the many features that content creators have at their disposal on Instagram. His guidance aims to shed light on this, helping creators select the features that best align with their unique goals on the platform. 


For those who express their creativity through the lens of a camera, like photographers, Instagram remains a powerful medium for sharing photographic art. Contrary to popular belief, photos still captivate almost half of the platform’s audience. Mosseri suggests that photographers and visual artists leverage this by experimenting with carousels to enrich the viewer’s experience and increase visibility in followers’ feeds by giving it multiple opportunities to display, gaining additional reach. Adding music to photos and carousels can also make the content more engaging and immersive. 


For creators whose content is more naturally suited to motion—such as comedians and musicians—Mosseri points to Instagram Reels as an effective format. With a general trend towards video content being more engaging than static images, those who can align their creative output with video should lean into it. However, Mosseri emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s creative essence; if video doesn’t complement a creator’s work, it’s perfectly acceptable to focus on other formats. 


Instagram Stories offer a unique opportunity for creators to share unfiltered, behind-the-scenes glimpses of their creative process, fostering a deeper connection with their audience. Yet, Mosseri acknowledges that this feature might not suit everyone, especially those who prefer to maintain a highly curated brand image. It’s a reminder that not using every feature is an acceptable strategy. 


The introduction of channels on Instagram allows creators to connect with their most dedicated followers. While not every follower will subscribe to a channel, this feature is ideal for sharing content with a passionate segment of the audience. Mosseri advises creators to consider this tool if it fits their content strategy and audience’s preferences. 


In Mosseri’s view, the pursuit of reach on Instagram should always be balanced with the relevance and authenticity of the content. The sweet spot for sustainable engagement lies at the intersection of a creator’s objectives and the audience’s interests. He encourages creators to mindfully select features that resonate with both their goals and their audience’s expectations, crafting a compelling Instagram presence that captivates and endures.